Monday, July 6, 2015

Peach Mojitos

We are in in the middle of the summer and things are in full swing.  We just shot off fireworks and celebrated our independence.  Vacations are taking place, pools are filled with kids splashing around, the lakes are hot and heavy with boats, skis, and various water activities and of course, those grills are being fired-up non-stop.

I know everyone has their favorite recipes, their go-to's they love to enjoy during the summer.  But one thing I think all people are looking for more of during those summer months are beverages.  Both adults and kids alike look forward to those ice-cold, brightly colored drinks that are synonymous with summer time.

So, this week I'm dedicating all recipes to beverages.  Fun, fruity, some brightly colored, mostly family-friendly and all delicious that are perfect to sip on while burying those toes in the sand, sitting poolside, or for those times you just need to pretend like you are somewhere else.
So, I'm kicking off this week with a mojito, since it is of course #mojitomonday!  A perfect way to kick off this week is with peach mojitos.  Peaches are one of my favorite summer fruits; sweet, perfectly juicy and oh-so-refreshing.  So, how awesome would that perfect fruit be in a cocktail? Well, nothing short of just completely amazing!
This cocktail is what summer is all about.  Sweet, refreshing peaches, tart lime and mint all mixed together with a little rum and topped with a touch of fizzy club soda.  Sip in those long summer days, relax and unwind with these peach mojitos.

Peach Mojitos

1/2 Peach, sliced
1 Lime, slices
12 Mint leaves
5 Tsp sugar
3 Oz clear rum
Soda water


Divide peach slices, lime, mint leaves and sugar between 2 glasses.  Using a muddle, gently press the fruits, mint and sugar to release the juices and oils.  Add 1 1/2 ounces rum to each glass, stir to combine.  Fill the glasses with ice, top with soda water, stir, garnish with a peach slice or mint leaves.  Enjoy.

Recipe source: A Lynsey Original

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