Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year!

It's January 1, 2015  It's hard to believe another year has already come and gone.  It seems with each passing year, the time goes by just a little faster than the year before.  A saying I heard throughout my whole childhood, but didn't really take to heart until now.  It truly seems like yesterday we were ringing in 2014.

2014 was a year packed with so much, looking back it seems like it was a complete blur.  From leaving my full-time job to becoming a stay at home mom and spending tons of quality time with my little man.  Starting something so new was definitely a leap of faith but something I would trade for the world.  We have been able to go to Charlotte and see so many things and enjoy some terrific food, Tucker took his first plain ride, weekly (sometimes multiple weekly) trips to Magic Springs and tons of fun in the sun.  Summer cookouts, various other travels and the icing on the cake was our mid November cruise to the Keys and Bahamas.

It has been a fun-packed year with so many incredible memories that we will forever hold close.  As we bid farewell to 2014, I'm sad to see it go but I'm so excited for 2015.  I can't wait to see what it has in store.

As we embark on 2015, I've started thinking about some goals and changes for Lynsey Lou's.

I want to incorporate more persona posts.  From time to time I give little snip-its of whats going on in our lives, but I'd like to give you more.  While the blog is a big part of my life, there's so much more that goes on.  So I want to give you all a glimpse into what else goes on behind the scenes.

I've tried to post consistently through the year, but let's face it.  Life happens and well, sometimes even our best intentions don't actually become reality.  I am going to try to keep up my posts, facebook updates, be more active on twitter and instagram.

I also want to try to focus on more Lynsey Lou original recipes.  Folks, I'm constantly in the kitchen playing with recipes but it seems like only a small portion of those ever make in on the ol' blog.  So, as we start a new year, one of my major goals is to get more of those recipes into your hands!

I know it's only a few goals, but I want to keep it maintainable.  But, that's my thoughts for the year.  Do any of you lovely readers haven any suggestions or anything you want to see on the blog?

I hope you all had a wonderful time ringing in the new year and are having a blast the first day of this year.  If you haven't already, be sure to eat those black eyed peas and greens for a rich and prosporous new year!

Thanks again for all your support and dedication to Lynsey Lou's over the past year!  I look forward to another wonderful year!

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