Thursday, January 3, 2013

2012 in Review: My Favorites

2012 was a whirlwind of events, to say the least.  It was packed full of so many different things; some good and some bad but I survived them all and made it to another year.  I hope 2013 proves to be a little less crazy and stressful, but regardless of what's to come I can't wait to see what all 2013 holds in store. 

I had so much fun looking through all the recipes I had made throughout the year when I was putting together the 2012 reader's choice.  I must say, all of you had a sweet toothe in 2012!  I love my sweets just as much as you and can't wait to share some more goodies with you.  While I loved each and every recipe that ya'll loved, there on some that didn't make the "Reader's Choice" list that I wanted to re-share with you.  I hope you all had a safe and wonderful new years, I know we did!  I can't wait to share more craziness and delicious recipes with you this year!

Goat cheese and roasted poblano guacomole is a mouthful but it's so worth it.  I think goat cheese was my favorite ingredient of the year; I love the creamy texture and the tangy taste, and it brings so much to any dish.  This guacomole was a hit from the first bite; it has a smokey flavor fromthe roasted poblanos, creamy butter flavor from the avocado and a slight tang from the goat cheese.  

I love anything with bacon and BLT's are one of my all-time favorite sandwiches.  When I found a recipe for BLT Biscuits I was ecstatic, to say the least.  This is one of those things that can be enjoyed as an appetizer or a main dish.  It's basic ingredients and is a perfect twist on a classic sandwich.  It's a biscuit base with a creamy, mayonnaise baised topping with bacon and herbs then topped off with grape tomatoes.  It's delicious and a recipe that Spencer continues to drool over and talk about to this day.

The first time I had Avocado enchiladas was when I was visiting one of my cousins.  We went to this little hole in the wall Mexican restaurant and he said their avocado enchiladas were amazing.  I was intrigued so I tried them.  My life changed, they were incredibly amazing; creamy, cheesey, gooey and delicious.  I honestly couldn't get enough.  When I got home I knew I had to recreate that meal, and so I did and that's how these babies came about.  

Mongolian beef is one of my "go to's" when we eat Chinese.  I love the sticky, salty and sweetness of this dish.  Put it over rice and it's a complete meal that is sure to please.  I was tickled when I came across this recipe and even more pleased when I made it and it resulted in the same flavors that I enjoy in the restaurant.  It's definitely dangerous knowing how to make one of my all-time favorites!

Homemade bread is one of my, many, weaknesses.  What can I say, I love it!  This white bread was definitely a favorite thing of mine this year.  It reminds me of the bread a family friend made for us when I was growing up; light, buttery and fluffy.  So good and delicious fresh from the oven.

We enjoyed this Lemon garlic linguine with Mascarpone and Shrimp for our Valentine's meal and I must say it was a hit.  I made this several times throughout the year and when other's asked for a simple, yet impressive meal this was always one of my first recommendations.  It's a simple dish full of big flavor.
Chiles Rellenos with tomato sauce was definitely a favorite of ours.  I think Spencer was even more impressed with this one that I was.  I can't tell you how many times this has been requested and made this year.  It's a simple recipe with tons of flavor.  A roasted poblano stuffed with cheese and corn, battered and lightly fried then topped with a slightly sweet tomato sauce.  It's a definite winner and a recipe that will stay in our rotation for quite some time.

Browned butter cookies with caramel frosting were a surprising hit.  I'm normally not one to be wowed by a cookie that doesn't include chocolate in some form, so when I tried these and instantly loved them I was kind of surprised.  This cookie has opened my eyes and helped me to learn to give those non-chocolate desserts a fighting chance.  They are chewy, almost melt in your mouth cookies that are topped with a soft caramel frosting.  In a few words, these cookies are to die for!

Bacon pecan brittle, to say this was a winner would be an understatement.  This stuff is amazing and I can't tell you how proud I was of this creation when I made it.  It has the whole sweet, salty, savory thing going and it's so good.  The salty bacon really helps to cut the sweetness of the brittle, the buttery pecans also add a whole other level of flavor and texture.  Every single person that tried this sweet and salty delicious could not get enough. 

It's no surprise that this Brownie Pie was a hit with everyone that tried it.  It was a "go to" dessert for me in 2012.  It's all the goodness of a brownie in the form of a pie; crispy edges with a fudgy, gooey center.

I could honestly continue listing more and more of my favorite recipes from 2012, but I'll stop.  I hope you enjoyed this little trip down memory lane, I know I have!  These pretty much hit all the high notes.  I can't wait to share more goodies with you throughout 2013.

What would you like to see more of on Lynsey Lou's this year?


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