Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Welcome to the new Lynsey Lou's

I'm so excited about the changes that have come about on my site.  I have been working with Leah at Cutesie Blog Designs to create the new look for my site.  She has been absolutely terrific through the entire process.  Leah was so easy to work with, she helped create and execute all of the elements I wanted in my blog but she also went a step further by suggesting different ideas and options when I couldn't come up with anything on my own.  Leah was great throughout the entire process, she also made it so easy on me by designing a few different options of each element and letting me choose the one that I liked the best.  I would highly recommend Leah and Cutesie Blog Designs for your next blog redesign.  Thank you so much Leah!  I also have a link to my Amazon store that features many of the same items (or similar items) I use in my own kitchen, also there are some of the cookbooks in my collection as well as some of my magazine subscriptions; to view my store please click on "Lynsey's Hardware" in the sidebar.

Please take a look around. I'm still working through a couple of the glitches and Leah is helping me with that but I think the all around design is much easier to navigate.  I've also added a recipes page where you can go and search for the particular dish you're looking for; main dish, desserts, appetizers and so on.

I'm so excited and I hope you enjoy the new look and new site for Lynsey Lou's!   

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