Thursday, October 7, 2010

Table of Condiments

From time to time I know we all come across an item in our pantry or refrigerator that has been in there for quite some time and the same thought crosses our minds, "I wonder if this is still good?".  There are a few methods that people use when trying to determine whether to keep food or throw it out; "when in doubt throw it out" is always a popular one, the smell test is another, and there's always the expiration date that is a reliable source, but you can never have too many resources to help you know how long to keep food.  Today I was looking at "StumbleUpon" and I came across  this nifty little chart.  It's a play on the Periodic Table of Elements.

Just thought this was too neat not to share.  It also makes for some fun food facts and a nifty reference guide.  I just had to share it with you!



The source of this chart does not in any way guarantee this information as being accurate. For instance, it was pointed out recently that vegemite is unfit for human consumption upon opening.   However, tests show it is an effective form of reactor shielding.

I, nor my source, made or wrote this chart.  I, nor my source, is taking credit for this chart or any information provided on this table.

This information was recieved from a random net browser:
It appeared in a mock calendar diary for 1997 and was produced by Potlatch (the paper company) under the title "365 Ben Days." The concept and design was by Dana Arnett, Ken Fox, Fletcher Martin and John Naresky of VSA Partners, Chicago.

For some history on this invaluable tool, check here.

Picture source: Stella Starr

Table of Condiments Source: seen on "StumbleUpon"

                                                           originally from: BackTable

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