Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Oatmeal Pancakes

I have always loved breakfast foods of all kinds.  I love the classics but I also like to try new and different twists on recipes as well.  I'm always looking for new ways to prepare breakfast foods and when I saw this recipe for oatmeal pancakes I knew I had to try them.

Pancakes are one of the classics that have been around for a long time and there's nothing wrong with them in their original form but it's always fun to try new things.  They are also very versatile; I've seen them served for breakfast but I've also seen them made with more of a savory taste and served as some other type of meal.  No matter how they are served and no matter what they are served with they are always a hit.

This recipe for oatmeal pancakes was no exception, it was wonderful too.  Having the oatmeal in the mix really made the pancakes a little more hearty and filling.  The texture was a little different than regular pancakes, so if you have a picky eater on your hands you may want to try these first before setting a plate in front of them.  One other plus about this recipe is the mix can be made in advance and then just scoop out the amount needed to make a batch, that really makes for a quick meal no matter what you have going on.  We thoroughly enjoyed these pancakes and we'll be making these many more times.   


Oatmeal Pancakes


2 Cups oatmeal pancake mix

2 Eggs

1/3 Cup canola oil

1 Cup water


Mix the pancake mix, eggs, canola oil and water in a bowl. 

Ladle onto a lightly greased nonstick griddle and cook until light brown on both sides. 

Serve with applesace topping. (recipe below)

 Oatmeal Pancakes with Applesauce

Applesauce Topping


1/2 Pound apples, peeled and chopped

1/4-1/2 packed brown sugar

3/4 Teaspoon cinnamon

1/4 Teaspoon cloves

1/4 Teaspoon allspice


Cook apples in saucepan over medium heat for 30 minutes or until tender. 

Add brown sugar, cinnamon, cloves and allspice and mash until desired consistency is reached. 

Serve over pancakes while both are still warm. 


Recipe Source: "Big Taste of Little Rock" by Junior League of Little Rock


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