Friday, December 26, 2008

Operation Baking Gals-Round 5

So this is the fifth round for Operation Baking Galsand it is growing by leaps and bounds.  This is only my third round to participate but it's amazing to see how many teams have been added over the past few times.  I'm so glad that more people are getting involved with the Baking Gals.  At times I don't feel like baking cookies is enough but after reading some of the letters I've received from the soldiers I've sent cookies to I realize that it means so much to them.  Having a batch of home made cookies really gives them a piece of home when they are so far away.

It's so hard to be away from family no matter what time of year it is but during Christmas or any other holiday it's that much harder.  I can only imagine how hard it is to be so far away family during some of the most special times of the year.  When I bake cookies for the troops it really makes me stop and think how fortunate, blessed and privilaged we all are to live in a country with the freedom that we have.  It's because of all these men and women in the service that we are able to do all we do and that we have all we have.  During this special time of the year take a moment and remember our troops that are fighting so we can maintain our freedom; say a quick prayer that they are kept safe during their tour and thank God that we have people like them.  

For round 5 I was part of "Team Go-Lightly Gourmet".  Our team leader was Dana of   Go-Lightly Gourmet.  Dana has a special relationship with her soldier, she is her soon to be daughter-in-law!  Dana was a great team leader and a wonderful motivator.  She made herself readily available if we had any questions or if we needed any recommendations for cookie ideas.  

Here's a little about our soldier, Mandi.  This team's soldier is Mandi  Lee LaFrance who is on her second deployment to Iraq. She has been in the Air Force for 11 years. She is a very active Christian, being a part of many church groups, and has also been on a mission to the Philippines.  Mandi loves working with children and Children's Ministries. She is highly involved in the Girl Scouts so this girl knows her cookies! Mandi loves Christmas and wants to bring the Christmas Spirit to her buddies  stationed in Iraq with her.


For Madi and the rest of the troops I baked peanut butter chocolate cookies with peanut butter filling and I also made peanut butter balls.  Recipes to follow.

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