Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Operation Baking Gals...Round 4




Round four of Operation Baking Galsconcluded this past Monday, November 10.  This is only my second round but it's amazing.  It's such an incredible feeling knowing that I'm helping to send a little piece of "home" to the men and women so bravely serving us and our country.  What better way is there to celebrate Veteran's Day than to be part of this "Operation" that ended the day before.  We are giving thanks to the men and women that are serving our country and who is also one day call themselves veterans.   

During each round there are multiple teams that are formed.  For each team formed there is a soldier which the team bakes goodies for.  We have a designated window of time in which we ship our baked goods to the soldiers.  Having this window of time guarantees that the soldiers will recieve the goods around the same time and they will have tons of goodies to enjoy. 

Personally I am so grateful for every one of these men and women and their selflessness.  If it weren't for them and all the ones that were there before them and the ones that will be there after them we would not have the country that we do.  I'm so proud to be an American and I'm so proud of every soldier in the U.S. forces.  Baking cakes and cookies isn't a huge thing; but it's one thing that we can do for them to send them a little piece of home every month until they return. 

This month I joined two teams so I had two soldiers to bake for.  The teams I joined were "Team Just Add Nuts" and "Team Crumbly Cookie".  I appreciate both teams; their willingness to lead groups and find soldiers to support are amazing.   

 The leaders of "Team Just Add Nuts" are Val and Randy Romeo of Michigan of Just Add Nuts.  They were wonderful leaders who provided tons of support for the bakers and gave us a little background on our soldier, Alex Herrera. 

Here is a little about our Soldier:

Our soldier for this round is SFC Alex Herrera. Alex is a husband and father of two sons. His family lives in the Sterling Heights, Michigan area and are anxious to see him return. This is Alex's fourth tour of duty. He has served our country in Kuwait, Afghanistan, and Iraq. He is a member of the Army.


The second team I joined was "Team Crumbly Cookie".  The head of this team was Bridget of The Way The Cookie Crumbles.  She was also a great team leader.  She answered any questions we had but she was very layed back as well.

I don't know very much at all about this soldier.  I do know that his name is Joshua and he is stationed in Iraq.  I hope that he along with the rest of the soldiers remain safe and return safely.


For this round I wanted to send them something homey feeling but also something with the flavors of the season.  I made Oatmeal Raisinwith a hint of clove for a classic recipe to send them.  I also made Pumpkin Butterscotchcookies so they could have a taste of the season.

May God Bless Them.  Please remember to keep the men and women of the service in your thoughts and prayers everyday. 


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