Thursday, November 6, 2008

Lime Style Asparagus

Staying on my "Taste of the Tropics" theme; with our coconut shrimp and cilantro lime rice we also had steamed asparagus with a hint of lime.  It looks like I was on another one of my lime kicks since both of my side items had lime in it.  As I have said before, asparagus is a favorite side at our house.  I love the flavor of it; I don't mind eating it cooked in a very simple fashion but I also like to try new ways of cooking it too.  I just like to have some "different tastes" if I feel like having a little something more. 

Steamed asparagus is nothing new to anyone I'm sure.  I did stay on the simple track with this specific version but I did want to give it a little something different.  In trying to incorporate a little added flavor I decided to add some lime juice to the water I was using to steam the asparagus.  The finished product was great; it gave it that little something extra I was looking for.  This method is a great way of adding a little more flavor without drowning the food in spices, sauces and seasonings.


Lime "Infused" Asparagus


1/2 Pound asparagus-fresh or fresh frozen

2 1/2 Tablespoons lime juice, divided

Water for steaming

Salt and Pepper


Place water in a pot being used to steam the veggies.  Bring water to a boil then add 2 tablespoons of lime juice.  Place asparagus on the steamer tray in the pot and cover.  Steam to desired doneness (I steamed mine for about 4 minutes).  Once asparagus is done drizzle with remaining lime juice and season with salt and pepper.  Serve while warm.


Lime Asparagus

  Recipe by: Lynsey Lou

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