Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Don't Drop the Hot Potato or it will Crash...

I don't guess a crashed hot potato is a bad thing... it's actually very good.  Just add a little salt, pepper, butter and chives and you have a wonderful side dish for any meal:).  Can I just say I loved this recipe!?!?

This is yet another recipe from The Pioneer Woman.  She definitely knows her way around a kitchen and cooks meals that could feed an army.  Which is a good thing since she has a small army of her own.  For this recipe I downsized quite a bit; if I hadn't then I would have had enough Crash-Hot Potatoesto last me the rest of the year!  I thoroughly enjoyed this recipe as well.  

I decided to make these potatoes to have along side the Crispy Yogurt Chicken.  Boy did it compliment the chicken well.  This recipe was very easy; I also timed it perfectly so they were done at the same time as the chicken.  There isn't a whole lot that goes into these potatoes but they sure are good and very full of flavor.  Pretty much everything used in this recipe are things that are on hand at all times.  I followed the recipe pretty much step by step, but I'm sure it would be good with any other toppings desired.  

My dad and Spencer were in the kitchen visiting with me as I made this meal and they started watching with particular interest when I started making these potatoes.  Everything was pretty normal with the boiling part but when I moved them from the pot to the baking sheet is when they starting paying close attention to what I was doing; with all the smashing it's can get pretty interesting.  After I finished the process and put them in the oven they both said, well that's a great way to cook potatoes!

The end result of this recipe was awesome.  The potato was nice and soft just like a regular baked potato but the skin and outer parts were a little crispy and crunchy...crunchy is right up my dad's alley!  I loved how these came out; it had a couple of different textures and tons of flavor.  Next time I make these (and there will be tons of next times for this recipe) I may try to add some other toppings and flavors...we'll see.  So now, on to the good stuff!!!


Pioneer Woman's Crashed-Hot Potatoes


1 Bag new potatoes (I used a couple of regular baking potatoes)

Olive Oil, for drizzling

Salt and Pepper, to taste

A fresh herb of choice (I used fresh chives   


Bring a large pot of salted water to a boil.  Add desired amount of potatoes into boiling water, cook until they are "fork tender" (You should be able to gently press a fork into the potato). 

Drizzle olive oil generously onto a baking sheet.  This will keep the potatoes from sticking to the sheet...this is a critical step so drizzle generously!!!  When the potatoes are tender place them on the cooking sheet.  With a potato smasher (I used the bottom of a glass) gently press down the potato until it's smashed, then rotate the smasher 90 degrees and smash again (not necessary if using a glass).  ***Don't smash them all the way.  Make it about the thickness of a cookie.  Repeat process until all potatoes are smashed.

Generously brush the top with olive oil.  Sprinkle potatoes generously with salt and fresh ground black pepper.  After salt and pepper, top potatoes with the fresh herb of your choice. 

Crashed-hot potatoes

Now place the potoates in a 450 degree oven on the top rack.  Cook potatoes for 20-25 minutes...or until golden and sizzling. 

Crashed-Hot Potatoes

Recipe from: The Pioneer Woman

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