Monday, November 21, 2016

SRC: Savory Granola

One of my favorite breakfasts and snacks is granola.  Over the years I've become quite fond of making my own granola and experimenting with various recipes.  But, in all the granola recipes I've made, I can't recall a time I made a savory granola. 

So, when I came across this recipe from Simple and Savory for this month's Secret Recipe Club I knew exactly what I was going to make!  That' didn't, however, keep me from browsing through Anne's delicious recipes and reading a few stories here and there.  Oh, my goodness, does she have a blog full of mouthwatering recipes: baked pasta with kale and sausage, slow cooker southwestern chicken soup, banana chocolate and walnut overnight oats, DIY sauerkraut, kale salad, and healthy almond joy bites just to name a few. 

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