Sunday, April 24, 2016

SRC: Prairie Mule

Mules are one of my favorite cocktails.  Tart lime juice paired with spicy, refreshing ginger beer and a splash of vodka; a simple drink that is so delicious.

For this month's Secret Recipe Club assignment I was given Our Good Life.  Terri is a retired school principal who has a passion for reading, baking, photography, traveling and socializing, much like myself...well, minus the principal part!  I ready one, after another after another of her delicious recipes and after perusing tons of various, mouthwatering recipes I decided to make her recipe for the Prarie Mule.

I had a laundry list of recipes I wanted to make from Terri's blog, but since the weather has been amazing here lately I couldn't pass up this drink.  We really don't experience much of a spring here in Arkansas, the weather typically goes from winter to 900 degrees with the drop of a hat.  So since we're actually experiencing a few true spring-like days I am taking advantage of every single one of them!  Most recently by sitting on my back porch and sipping on this mule.

The Prairie Mule is much like the infamous Moscow Mule, but she enjoyed the restaurant's beverage so much she tried to snag the recipe for herself.  And you know what?  She did!  This is pretty much identical to the Moscow Mule, but it uses Prairie's vodka.

Now, the original recipe for the Prarie Mule sounded delicious, but I love my mules with a hefty helping of fresh mint.  So I grabbed a handful from garden and muddled it into the mix.  The end result was perfection.

Toast the spring and summer by making a batch of these mules and sitting out and enjoying the weather.

Prairie Mule


1.5 Oz Vodka
4 Oz ginger beer
Juice of quarter of a lime
2 Tbsp mint
Lime wedge for garnish


Add the ingredients to a copper mug, stir to combine then fill with ice.  Garnish with a lime wedge and mint (if desired) and enjoy!

Recipe source: Our Good Life


Emily said...

I haven't heard of a Mule before, but I don't drink a lot either. I am going to impress my husband by bringing this up tonight :) Happy Reveal Day!

Tara said...

I've never actually heard of a mule before. Sounds delicious! Will definitely have to try it.

Karen Kerr said...

Cheers!! I need one of those mugs! I'm sure they pretty much make the cocktail!

Rebekah Hills said...

Mmm... what a perfect way to end a day!

Wendy Klik said...

I was so happy to be assigned you blog this month Lynsey. I have never had a mule but it sounds wonderful.

Erin said...

Mule's are definitely my spring/summer beverage of choice!

Terri Steffes said...

Oh yes, you nailed it! We are kinda neighbors, with me being in Missouri and all. Glad you enjoyed the recipe and now I am going to start adding mint to my Prairie Mules.

traci said...

This looks amazing! Great SRC pick this month and beautiful photo.

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