Thursday, March 17, 2016

St. Patrick's Day Round-Up

It's March 17th!  You know what that means?  It's St. Patrick's Day.  A day that is celebrated by pinching the green-less, hunting 4-leaf clovers, turning all our food and beverages green, celebrating the luck of the Irish, and pretending we're Irish...even if just for 1 day!

I wanted to paint today's post green in honor of St. Paddy, so I'm sharing a compilation of green and Irish inspired recipes!

To Start Your Day-

Irish breakfast wraps-I would totally start any and everyday of the week with one of these wraps.  Packed full of eggs, sweet potato corned beef hash and topped with a homemade Russian sauce!

Irish Coffee-because your morning just would start out on the right foot if you didn't enjoy a little spiked coffee.  Strongly brewed coffee, brown sugar, Irish whiskey and a luscious layer of frothed cream.

Irish coffee cake scones- I'm loving everything about these scones.  Soda bread made into scones and topped with that infamous streusel topping.


Guinness pulled pork sliders with creamy dijon slaw- The name says it all.  Pork slow cooked and braised in a guinness marinade.  The tender pork is shredded, plopped on a bun and topped with an amazing creamy dijon slaw.  Now tell me this isn't a meal fit for a St. Patrick's day celebration!

3 words, Reuben. Waffle. Fries.- I'm drooling over here folks.  Melanie Makes has taken everything St. Patrick's day is about and stuffed it in a cast iron skillet and topped it with cheese! A cast iron skillet loaded with waffle fries, corned beef, sauerkraut and topped with cheese.

Reuben Dip- This dip sounds like things that dreams are made of.  All the fixin's of a reuben sandwich, mixed up in a pan and baked to make a creamy dip.

Loaded sweet potato Irish nachos with beer braised short ribs- Wedges of tender and crispy sweet potatoes topped with tender, beer braised short ribs and all the fixin's you're accustomed to seeing on your favorite plate of nachos


Mint chocolate chip ice creamPassion for Savings has whipped up the perfect mint chip ice cream.  To make it even easier, it's no churn.  Nothing screams St. Patrick's like beautiful, minty green ice cream studded with tons of chocolate chips.

Copycat Shamrock Shake-Because no St. Patrick's day is complete without that infamous Shamrock Shake.  Now you can skip the drive-thru and whip up your own at home!

Grasshopper Mint Cookies- The gals over at Six Sister's Stuff made these perfectly delicious and festive cookies.  To make these even easier, they utilize a cake mix to help make the cookie making process even faster!

Leprechaun Cookies- I think these leprechaun cookies are absolutely adorable.  A simple Nutter Butter cookie is given a transformation by using a little melting chocolate and some sprinkles.  What a fun activity to do with the kiddos!


Irish jello shots- Fun and festive, and everything is just better with Jello.  These Jello shots are the perfect way to start...or end your party.

Green melon whiskey sour- 3 ingredients and some melon ball ice cubes is all you need to whip up this fun, festive and delicious whiskey sour.

Irish Mule-I was beyond excited to come across this cocktail.  I'm a sucker for mules, and this Irish variation sounds right up my alley!  I know what I'll be sipping on when 5 o'clock rolls around!  

Cheers and happy St. Patrick's Day!

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