Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Pink Starburst Cocktail

If you were to give me a package of Starburst and tell me to pick out my two favorite flavors you would see a pile of pink and red quickly form.  But, if you told me I could only choose one flavor, it would have to be the pink Starburst hands down.

From the first time I tasted Starbursts, pink had my heart.  Not only is it my favorite color, there's just something about that beloved pink candy that tastes so darn good.
So, when I saw that a person (who could only be deemed a genius) came up with a cocktail that held all the same great tastes as my favorite candy I was over the moon ecstatic.  Not only does it hold the flavors it, it also dawns the perfect shade of pink!

This perfectly pink cocktail comes together in about a minute, seriously!  It's tart, sweet, creamy, everything that you expect from a Starburst.  And it's got a slight fizz from the splash of soda which helps bring everything together.
This cocktail could easily be a mocktail by omitting the alcohol.  This pink concoction would be great for all those Race for the Cure celebrations this week, and perfect for Halloween parties taking place closer to the end of the month.


Pink Starburst Cocktail

1 Oz Pinnacle whipped vodka
1 Oz half and half
1 Oz fruit punch
Orange juice
Lemon Lime soda, for topping off


Combine vodka (if desired), half and half, and fruit punch in an almost 12 ounce glass glass.  Stir to combine.  Fill glass almost all the way with orange juice, stir to combine.  Top off with soda and serve.

Recipe source: Happy Food Healthy Life

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Jaida said...

Um...yes, please!! Yum!

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