Monday, June 29, 2015

Cherry Mojitos

You know the saying, "Don't go to the grocery store on an empty stomach"?

I have to admit, that's a wise rule.  But I also admit it's not one I adhere to 100% of the time.  And I can tell those times when I have gone to the store on an empty stomach, because when I start unloading my groceries I look at all the stuff I've come home with and wonder why in the world I even put that in my cart.

One thing, that I can never resist is fresh cherries.  It doesn't matter if I've just eaten or my stomach is turning inside out from hunger pains, I can't walk by the cherry display without popping a bag in my cart.  I think my grocery store knows my weakness too, because immediately when entering the store there's a huge display of fresh cherries that greet me.  I mean, I literally have to walk around them to get to the produce section.  So, without hesitation I snag a bag of those delicious juicy cherries, plop them in my cart and continue with my shopping.

Cherries are one of my all-time favorite fruits.  My mom couldn't keep them in stock.  She'd walk in with a bag and I'd snag them, head outside and devour those delicious bits of goodness.  My obsession with this little fruit hasn't weakened over the years, if anything it's only gotten stronger.  And, that love for cherries has definitely been passed down to my little guy.
When we pass the cherry display at the store it's almost a race to see who can get them in the cart first.  Once he spots them and gets them in the cart I can't get through the store fast enough, he's ready to get home and start snacking on them!

So, it's no surprise I can't keep cherries on hand long enough to make anything I've dreamed up or pinned over time.
With the latest purchase of this households favorite fruit I was bound and determined to make at least one thing; whether it be a beverage or dessert.  I was going to make something.

So, I decided to make cherry mojitos.  Mixing one of my favorite fruits ever with one of my favorite cocktails ever just seemed like a no-brainer.  There wasn't any baking  or marinating involved which meant I could enjoy my creation immediately.  Well, almost immediately...I did have to do a little photo shoot of it in all it's glory for all of you folks.

Right after I unloaded the rest of the groceries I snagged a handful of cherries before my little cherry thief took off with the bag.  I quickly removed the seeds, dropped them in a glass along with some mint, lime and a little sugar and muddled it all together.  I then added a glug of rum, some ice and club soda, gave it a stir and then started sipping set it up for it's shoot.

I have to admit I scooted through this photo shoot rather quickly because it was complete and utter torture.  This cocktail was looking at me through the camera and calling my name.  I snapped a few photos and quickly picked it up and took one sip to end the torture.

Oh-ma-goodness folks.  This was worth the wait.  I have to say, this is neck and neck with the original mojito as one of my favorite drinks.  Juicy, sweet cherries, tart lime, fresh mint and a little soda water for some fizz.  Oh my.

This, my friends is summer in a glass.

Cherry Mojitos

12 Cherries, washed, pitted and stems removed
1/2 Lime, cut into 4 wedges
14 Mint leaves
5 Tsp sugar
3 Oz white rum
Club soda


Divide cherries, lime wedges, mint leaves and sugar between 2 glasses.  Using a muddle, gently press the ingredients to release the fruit juices and incorporate the sugar.  Add the rum and stir to combine.  Fill the glasses with ice, top with club soda and stir to combine.  Garnish with fresh cherries and a lime wedge, if desired.  Enjoy.

Recipe source: A Lynsey Original

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