Thursday, March 19, 2015

Lemon-Lime Mint Moscow Mule

It's seems like mules are the trending drink right now.  And, it's like it just happened over night.  There are several restaurants that are revamping their menus, and many of those updates include the addition of the humble mule.

Honestly though, why wouldn't it be gaining popularity?  Who wouldn't want to sip on a cocktail served in a copper mug?

The Moscow mule is a classic drink dating back to around 1946.  It's not clear whether the first mules were made with lemons or limes, so for a version that screams spring I decided to use both of the citrus' to make this lemon-lime mule.

Lemon and lime is such a classic combination that's favored by so many.  A particular fizzy beverage that's served in a blue and green can immediately comes to mind.  Two flavors that are so simple and delish on their own, but oh-so-good when they are combined.
So, I decided to take that classic combo and add it to one of my favorite cocktails, along with a few mint leaves.  These flavors pair so well with the crisp ginger beer.  This cocktail is bright, full of citrus-y notes from the lemon and lime and followed by cool minty flavor.
This is the ideal cocktail to sip on while sitting on your porch enjoying the crisp, cool nights of spring and the warmer summer days ahead.  

Lemon-Lime Mint Mule
Yields 2 (16oz) mugs

3 Oz vodka
Half lime, cut into quarters
Half lemon, cut into quarters
1/4 Cup mint
12 Oz ginger beer


Place 2 quarters of lime, one quarter of lemon and half the mint in each mug.  Using a muddle, firmly press the lemon, limes and mint until the juices are released.  Add one and a half ounces of vodka to each mug and stir to combine.  Fill the mugs, almost to the top, with ice then top off with ginger beer.  Stir to combine and garnish with a sprig of mint.

Recipe source: A Lynsey Original

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