Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Strawberry Fool

Have you heard of a fool?  Well, you probably have but not in the sense that I'm talking about!  I'm sure everyone has heard of a food and maybe knows one or two.  But the type of fool I'm talking about is in reference food!

A fool is a dessert that dates back to the 16th century and originates from England.  The traditional fool starts out with a custard base.  To that pureed fruit is folded in, it's chilled and served.  But, as time has progressed and people's desire for the quick and easy surpassed tradition, the cooked custard has been replaced (at least here in the states) with a sweet, whipped cream.

So, the modern day fool is a lightly sweetened fruit puree that has been folded into freshly whipped cream.  It is one of the simplest desserts that you'll ever make, but also one of the most amazing things that will ever grace your lips.
This dessert is extremely decadent, yet so easy to prepare.  It almost seems silly to be posting a recipe that is 5 ingredients and the hardest thing required is whipping cream.  But, here I am posting it anyway.  Because honestly, it would be a shame not to share such an amazingly easy recipe with all of you.
This is a dessert that can be enjoyed year around and would be especially amazing using all sorts of fresh fruit during the summer months.  But don't let the lack of fresh fruit deter you from making this during the winter months, frozen fruit would definitely be sufficient.  So the next time you need an impressive and delicious dessert, don't spend hours in the kitchen, spend less than 30 minutes from start to finish on a dessert that will wow your guests or special someone.

I kept this particular recipe simple and wanted to highlight the sweet flavor of the juicy strawberries.  I do think the addition of orange zest, lemon zest or lime zest would be an amazing addition.  Get creative and play with different flavor profiles.  You could all add a splash of grand mariner or any other flavored liquor.  The options are endless.

Strawberry Fool

1 1/2 Cup strawberries, hulled and chopped
1 Tbsp granulated sugar
3 Tbsp powdered sugar
1 1/2 Cups heavy whipping cream
1 1/2 Tsp vanilla


Place strawberries in a small bowl and sprinkle with granulated sugar.  Allow to sit for about 15-20 minutes, allowing the strawberries to macerate.  Once the strawberries have had time to rest, remove about two-thirds of the berries and place in a food processor and puree.  Transfer the puree back the bowl with the remaining strawberry chunks and toss to combine.  Set aside.

Place powdered sugar, heavy cream and vanilla in a mixing bowl and beat on high until stiff peaks form.  Be sure not to over mix.

Gently fold the strawberry mixture into the whipped cream mixture.  Spoon into serving dishes, transfer to the fridge and allow to chill at least 30 minutes or until ready to serve.

To garnish-top with additional strawberries.

Recipe source: A Lynsey Original

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