Wednesday, October 8, 2014

S'mores Stuffed Biscuit Waffles

A few weeks ago I celebrated the humble, yet amazing, waffle with a week full of indulgent waffle recipes.  I tried to squeeze as many recipes as I possibly could into one week, but honestly there weren't enough days in the week.  My mind went crazy and my kitchen was a waffle factory for several weeks.  But.  It was so worth it.  And I have a few extra waffle creations to share with you.

I decided to allow you...and the rest of my family to recover from their waffle coma before pulling out the ol' waffle iron again.  This is another recipe that is indulgent but so simple.  It's even ideal for those busy mornings when everyone is trying to get out the door!

Just because you want a fluffy, buttery waffle doesn't mean you need to pull out the mixing bowl, eggs and butter.  With this recipe, you can get all that and more by just opening a can.  A can of thick and fluffy biscuits.

With these, I've take the meager waffle a step further and stuffed them.  Yum, right?  This is a spin on the ever so popular s'mores.  There's something so addicting and enticing about s'mores.  Roasting marshmallows over an open flame, then sandwiching it between two honey crackers and a chocolate bar.  My mouth is literally watering right now.
Well, with these waffles there's no need to build the bonfire.  You get all that gooey marshmallow goodness with the help of the waffle iron.
These waffles come together in no time.  Simply split the biscuits in half, add chocolate and marshmallows, seal and place on the iron.  Let it cook for a few minutes and viola.  Breakfast is done and s'more are served.  Happy day!

S'mores Stuffed Biscuit Waffles

Pillsbury Grands butter biscuits
1/2 Cup marshmallows
1/2 Cup chocolate chips
Powdered sugar, for topping, optional
Chocolate syrup, for topping, optional
Marshmallow creme, for topping, optional


Plug in waffle maker and allow to heat.

Cut each biscuit in half, lengthwise.  Place one tablespoon of each, marshmallows and chocolate chips on half of each of the biscuits.  Top each of the filled biscuits with the remaining biscuit halves.  Gently press to seal the edges.

Spray waffle maker with non-stick cooking spray.  Place 2 to 3 biscuits on the waffle maker, depending on the size of the maker, close gently but do not press down.  Allow to cook for 3-4 minutes, until biscuits are cooked through and golden brown.  Carefully remove and allow to cool for 2 minutes.

To serve-
Top with powdered sugar, chocolate syrup and/or marshmallow creme.

Recipe source: A Lynsey Original

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