Friday, September 12, 2014

Triple Chocolate Milkshake with Waffles and Candied Bacon

I am soooo excited about this milkshake.  I've been trying to control myself all week because I've wanted to post this day after day, but I had to save it.  I needed to save it.  Not only to conclude #waffleweek with an utterly indulgent treat, but also because today is national chocolate milkshake day!

Yes, it's true.  Chocolate milkshakes have their own day to be celebrated.  And why shouldn't they?  Chocolate is the fuel that keeps us going.  The food that makes everything better when all seems wrong in the world.  And there's nothing a whole lot better than gulping down a rich, thick and creamy chocolate milkshake.  One sip and I go to my happy place.
So, how could I possibly celebrate two food holidays at once?  Individually it's no biggie.  I'll have a waffle to celebrate waffle week, and I'll have a chocolate milkshake to celebrate the it in all it's glory.  But celebrate the two together?  Well that's just crazy talk, right?  Or is it?

Well, I always love a challenge and I stepped up when it came to this one.  How do I incorporate chocolate milkshakes and waffles?  What about an amazingly rich, triple chocolate milkshake that's accompanied with waffle dipping sticks...think Wendy's frostie and french fries.  Please tell me I'm not the only one who still to this day loves dipping french fries into my frostie???
Anyway, so you've got the crispy waffle sticks along with not just any bacon, but candied bacon.  The bacon is drizzled with syrup, sprinkled with brown sugar and then has a hint of cayenne pepper.  It's placed in the oven to allow the brown sugar to melt and create a light, crispy shell.  The end result is salty bacon coated in a sweet crunchy brown sugar shell with a hint of heat from the cayenne.
This milkshake is the ultimate in desserts.  Thick, rich chocolate milkshake, topped with waffle sticks and candied bacon.  Amp up the chocolate by adding dark chocolate chips or brownie chunks to the shake and then drizzle with some chocolate syrup.  A chocaholic and bacon lover's dream combined! Happy national chocolate milkshake day and national waffle week!  You're welcome!

Triple Chocolate Milkshake with Waffles and Candied Bacon

For the shake-
3 Large scoops "Death by Chocolate Ice Cream" (or any 3 chocolate ice cream)
2 Tbsp heavy cream
2 Tbsp milk

For the candied bacon-
1-2 Pieces bacon, cooked
2 Tsp brown sugar
1- 1 1/2 Tsp syrup
Pinch Cayenne pepper

To assemble-
Chocolate sauce
Chilled mug or mason jar
Brownie Waffle or 1 Basic Waffle, cut in half
Whipped cream, optional
Chocolate shavings, optional


Make the candied bacon, and allow to cool slightly.

For the bacon-
Preheat oven to 350.

Line a baking sheet with foil and spray liberally with non-stick cooking spray.  Place slices of cooked bacon on the prepared baking sheet.  Drizzle one side with honey, followed by the brown sugar and cayenne, turn over and repeat the process.

Place in preheated oven and cook until the brown sugar has melted and begun to crisp up.  Once the bacon is crisp, remove from oven and allow to cool slightly.  Carefully remove from pan and transfer to a plate or cooling rack to cool.

For the Milkshake-
Place ice cream, cream and milk in a blender and pulse until smooth and well incorporated.

To assemble-
Drizzle the inside walls of the chilled mug with chocolate sauce.  Pour the milkshake in the glass.  Garnish with waffle sticks, bacon, whipped cream and chocolate shavings.

Recipe source: A Lynsey Original

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