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Peanut Butter Waffle Sandwiches with Banana Mascarpone Filling

Bananas and peanut butter is a match made in heaven that has been enjoyed by many for decades.  Even The King has indulged in this delicious combination and now has sandwiches on several menus across the U.S. in his honor.  I took that beloved combination and put a little spin on it.

I've taken delicious waffles that are the perfect combination of fluffy and crispy and used those as the bread to hold all this goodness together.  Instead of a plain ol' sliced banana I made a rich and creamy filling. Thick mascarpone cheese combined with a ripe banana and fresh whipped cream, I could take a spoon and eat this right out of the bowl.  But I didn't!
I took those crispy waffles and schmeared them with a hefty helping of delicious peanut butter.  Then I topped that with a generous amount of the rich, banana mascarpone filling and topped it off with another waffle.  You could stop there, or you could make one completely over the top sandwich by adding more peanut butter, more filling and another waffle.  And after you're done stacking, take it one step further by adding whipped cream and drizzling it all with chocolate sauce.

These waffle sandwiches would make an over the top dessert.  Just imagine the look on your family and guests face when you brought a towering waffle sandwich out just dripping with chocolate sauce.  This could also be a very indulgent, special occasion type breakfast, if you wanted to start your family out on a sugar high!
If you don't want to make your own waffles, or simply don't have the time then there are plenty of delicious options in the freezer section.  You could go with a basic waffle or even check out some of the flavored options that would truly make this an out of the world sandwich.  There are also several different options in the peanut butter world now too.  I think the white chocolate peanut butter would be amazing on this, as well as the dark chocolate peanut butter, or even the peanut butter with chocolate chunks.  Or Biscoff spread or even Nutella...the list truly does go one and on but I'll stop there!
The best thing about this recipe is you can make as many, or as little as you want without having a ton of leftovers.  They are delicious while the waffles are still a little warm which makes the mascarpone filling ooze out of the sides even more, but they are just as good room temperature.  So the next time you want to pay homage to The King or your just craving that peanut butter banana combo, make these waffle sandwiches!

Peanut Butter Waffle Sandwiches with Banana Mascarpone Filling

For the waffles-
2 Cups flour
1 Tsp salt
1/4 Cup baking powder
4 Tbsp granulated sugar, divided
2 Eggs, separated
1 1/2 Cups buttermilk
1/3 Cup unsalted butter, melted
1 Tsp vanilla extract

For the banana mascarpone filling-
1/2 Cup heavy whipping cream
1/4 Cup mascarpone cheese
2 Tbsp sugar
1 Ripe banana
1/4 Tsp vanilla

To assemble-
Peanut butter-crunchy or creamy
Whipped cream, optional
Chocolate sauce, optional


For the waffles-
Preheat waffle maker.

In a large bowl combine flour, salt, baking powder, and 3 tablespoons granulated sugar and whisk to combine.  Make a well in the center and set aside.

Combine egg yolks, buttermilk, butter, and vanilla extract and whisk to combine.  Set aside.  Combine egg whites and remaining tablespoon of sugar in a bowl and whisk until stiff peaks form.  Set aside.

Pour the buttermilk mixture in the well of the flour mixture and gently whisk until just combine, being sure not to over mix.  Gently fold in the egg whites until just incorporated (it's okay if there are a few white specks in the mixture).

Spray waffle maker with non-stick cooking spray or brush with melted butter.  Cook batter according to waffle maker instructions.

Remove waffles and place on a cooling rack.  If making a large batch, preheat oven to 200, place a cooling rack on a rimmed baking sheet and place in oven to keep waffles warm.

For the filling-
Combine heavy whipping cream and sugar in a bowl and beat on high until stiff peaks form, being sure not to over-beat.  Set aside.

In a separate bowl combine mascarpone cheese and a gently mashed banana.  Mix to combine and until banana.  The mixture can be slightly chunky if desired.  Add vanilla and mix to combine.  Gently fold in the whipped cream.

To assemble-
Spread a generous amount of peanut butter on one waffle.  Top with 3-4 tablespoons of the mascarpone filling, top with another waffle.  Repeat process if you want a giant sandwich.  Top with whipped cream and drizzle with chocolate sauce, if desired.

Recipe source: Waffles- barely adapted from All Recipes
                        Banana mascarpone filling and sandwiches- A Lynsey Original

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