Thursday, April 10, 2014

Edible Easter Topiary Trees

I am so excited to share this recipe with you today!  Not only because how easy it is but because of it's cuteness! Well, it's not so much a recipe as a cute Easter craft that can also double as Easter decorations.

Every time a holiday comes around I find myself wondering aimlessly up and down the seasonal isle.  Looking at the cute nick-nacks that I truly don't need, the fun little crafts and the candy.  Oh, the candy.  My Achilles heel.  There's just something about that candy that reels me in and makes me grab one bag after another.

My mind starts rolling with all sorts of ideas; different recipes, different "crafts", oh and just the pure goodness of gorging myself in it.  Please tell me I'm not the only one who looks forward to certain holidays for the candy that comes around once a year?  Okay, stepping away from my guilty pleasure, and back to the topic at hand.  The candy.  I find myself thinking of all sorts of things and then when I come home and unload all that candy I think to myself "What in the world were you thinking?" you'll never use all of this before it goes bad.  Any of you do that too?

Okay, and now back to the real topic at hand, these cute little topiary trees.  These are so easy to make and this version is almost completely edible, minus the dish and the items used to secure it in the dish (Styrofoam or paper), and they make a fun craft that the kiddos could really get involved in.  What's not to love; Rice Krispie treats, frosting, pretzels, chocolate and candy.  This is a kid's dream come true! 
These are so easy to make.  It's simply a Rice Krispie treat coated in frosting and covered in candy with a white chocolate pretzel trunk.  But, if you are like some of my friends and want true ease, then you can skip the Rice Krispie treats and use a Styrofoam ball, instead of white chocolate pretzel rods a dowel painted white could be used, you could also use glue rather than frosting but at this point it would truly be for looks! 

These would make cute Easter decorations, or could even be used as the centerpieces on the kid's table or dessert table at your Easter gathering.  You can customize these with the bold jelly beans or go for a more subdued, pastel vibe by using the lighter colored jelly beans or M&M's would work well too.  The options are endless!  So what are you waiting for, go get on a candy high...I mean make some cute topiaries!

Edible Easter Topiary Trees

For the topiary base-
1 Tbsp butter
2 1/4 Cups mini marshmallows
3 Cups Rice Krispies

For the trunk-
3 Pretzel sticks
1/2 Cup white chocolate melting chips

For the tree-
1 Package jelly beans (I used Starburst jelly beans)
1 Tub frosting


For the topiary base-
Place the butter in a microwave safe dish and heat until melted.  Add the marshmallows and stir until melted, you may need to heat an additional 10 seconds.  Once the marshmallows are melted add the rice krispies and stir until completely incorporated. 

Liberally coat hands in shortening, divide the mixture into three equal portions and form into balls.  Place on a piece of wax paper and allow to set.  Once the treats are almost completely set, take a pretzel stick and insert it into the treat, until it's a little over halfway through.  Remove the pretzel.

For the trunk-
Place the white chocolate in a microwave safe bowl and heat in 20 second intervals, stirring after each, until completely melted.  Coat the pretzels in the white chocolate, hold over the bowl and allow the excess to drip off for about 10 seconds, then place into one of the treat balls.  Continue with the remaining pretzels. 

Allow the chocolate to dry.

To assemble-
Place the trees, securely in three containers.  Coat liberally in the frosting and add the jelly beans in whatever pattern you would like.

Optional garnishes:
Tie a ribbon around the trunk
Place egg candies in the container around the base of the tree
Surround the bottom of the tree in Easter grass

Recipe source/idea: A Lynsey Original

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