Monday, May 27, 2013

SRC: Jamba Juice Five Fruit Frenzy (Copy Cat Recipe)

Believe it or not I've never actually had a beverage, or any other item for that matter, from Jamba Juice.  The main reason being that we don't have one in my state.  However, I have heard of Jamba Juice, but when I tell you how I first heard of it you're probably going to have a pretty good chuckle.  But hey, it's Monday and we all need a good laugh to start the week!  The first time I ever heard of Jamba Juice was from the movie Baby Mama.  Random, right?  What's more weird, the fact that I remember that I learned about it from that movie or the fact that I had never heard of it before then?  But that's the first time I ever heard of Jamba Juice, initially I thought it was a fictional business because I'd never heard of it until this movie but I quickly realized it was a real business that was very well known for all of their delicious smoothies and drinks. 

I continue to hear amazing things about JJ, but I still have not actually had anything from there.  So for this month's secret recipe club assignment I was so excited to find a copy cat recipe for JJ on Emily's blog, life on food.  Now I could finally bring a taste of JJ to me, in my state, in my own home!  Emily is native of Iowa, turned Georgian, back to Iowa, then to Maine for a short stint where there she became a total lobster snob.  She had a brief semester in Paris, then back to Maine then to Connecticut, where she finally settled down, got a job and got married!  She's done quite a bit of moving and traveling but all of that going has helped her grow her love and passion for food.  She's always had a passion for food, however, she grew up with the kitchen helping her mom and grandmother (much like me!).  Helping her  family in the kitchen and being around the family table for meals seeded a love of food in her, and meals with family around the table are still a must to this day!  Whether it's an elaborate meal with special ingredients and techniques, more homestyle meals, or a simple smoothie; she finds the process of everything rewarding and relaxing.

This smoothie recipe wasn't the first thing I came across while perusing Emily's blog, she has so many different and delicious recipes and that made it so difficult to narrow down my choices and finally make a decision.  I saw several recipes that sounded amazing, but I've been on a smoothie kick lately so I just kept going back to this recipe while I was browsing her blog.  I'm so glad I decided to make this smoothie.  It's incredibly easy, full of flavor and it's different than a lot of the smoothies I've been making lately.

Lately I've been on a green monster smoothie kick.  Those things are amazing, and I think one of my favorite smoothies!  But, it's always good to have a little change every now and then and I was so excited to try this recipe.  This smoothie is packed full of fruit, a little juice and that's it.  This differs from the green monster since it's comprised of spinach and yogurt and a few fruits.  This smoothie inspired by JJ is amazing; sweet, slightly tart and a great way to start your mornings...or even enjoy as an afternoon pick-me-up!  I'm so glad I was finally able to have a little taste of Jamba Juice and if I ever get the opportunity to try an smoothie from there, definitely will! 

SRC: Jambo Juice Five Fruit Frenzy


1 Cup orange juice
1/3 Cup strawberries
1/3 Cup blueberries
1/3 Cup raspberries
1 Frozen banana*
1/2 Cup ice cubes


Place all ingredients in a blender and blend until completely incorporated. 

Recipe source:  Life on Food inspired by Jamba Juice


Sarah E. said...

I love smoothies! This one sounds so good!! ;)

I added you to the hop. Your hop code is missing, if you need any help, let me know :) Happy Reveal Day!

Kirstin said...

Yum! sounds great! I love smoothies. We have them regularly

Susan said...

This sounds delicious! My boys would love it.

dena said...

I love smoothies in the morning and this one looks terrific!

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