Tuesday, February 12, 2013

White Chocolate Covered Oreo Pops

Chocolate covered Oreos are a weakness of mine, so the fact that they only make an appearance once a year makes me sad.  Although, it's probably a good thing since I honestly think I could eat my weight in these!  I love the combination of the chocolate cookie, creamy filling all covered in delicious white chocolate.
I have recently introduced Tucker to these yummy little treats, and I think he likes them just as much as I do!  Since he's a fan too, I thought it would be fun to make cookie pops covered in fun sprinkles for him to share with his class at his Valentine's party. 

Every kiddo everyone loves cookies.  We all know kids love suckers, and I think deep down adults enjoy them too...they transport us back to our carefree, worry free days of childhood.  So how fun would it be to combine the two and make cookie pops?  A fun treat that is so easy and fun to make.  I believe they are just as much fun to eat!  It's just more fun eating something off a stick.
I love this little idea not only because of it's simplicity, but also because it's customizable for any event or holiday and it's a perfect treat to make with the kiddos.  Tucker thoroughly enjoyed being in the kitchen and helping with these.  I think his favorite part about this treat was the sprinkles, he loved coating each and every cookie (thoroughly) with sprinkles!  

White Chocolate Covered Oreo Pops


1 Package Oreos
1 Package chocolate melts, Wilton has a great color selection
White lollipop sticks


Carefully pull the Oreos apart, keeping the pairs together, and place on a flat surface lined with parchment/wax paper.

Place chocolate in a microwave safe bowl, and microwave in 20 second intervals until completely melted. 

Place about 1/4 teaspoon of chocolate onto each non-frosted Oreo half and then place the stick in the center of the melted chocolate.  Place the cookie and stick back on the frosted Oreo half and allow to set up.  Repeat process with all the cookies.

Once the cookies have set, cover them completely with the melted chocolate and then coat with sprinkles.  Return to parchment paper and allow them to dry completely.

Once the chocolate has set and dried, cover them in cellophane and tie with ribbon.


Cocktail Lady said...

These are adorable!! I may just make something like this for Valentines Day! Thanks for the idea =)

Lynsey said...

@Cocktail Lady-Thank you so much! They are so easy and so much fun to make. A great treat to get the kiddos or family infolved in too! You're welcome, hope you enjoy!

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