Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Rice Krispie Treats

When I think back to my childhood I can think of a multitude of snacks and goodies that I enjoyed on a regular basis.  While some were cookies, brownies and cakes, others were simple, such as Rice Krispie treats.  I always got so excited when I walked into the kitchen and saw my mom with a giant bowl of melted marshmallows.  It meant we were just moments away from ooey gooey, fluffy, crunchy goodness.  There's not a lot to these treats, but they are oh-so-good.  Which confirms the saying, sometimes "simple is better". 

Since I've gotten older I do enjoy a broad array of desserts that are all delicious, however I do find myself returning to the classics of my childhood from time to time.  Before about a month or so ago, it had been quite some time since I had eaten a rice krispie treat.  With the holidays around (and my mom feeling the need to spoil her grandson...even more) Rice Krispies made an appearance in our house.  We made Rice Krispie "gingerbread" houses and decorated them.  It was then that I had a bite of the treats, and I was instantly transported back to my childhood days.  This was also the first time Tucker had eaten one, as well, and he LOVED it! (I know...I'm terrible for not introducing him to these before now)
Not only did he enjoy eating the treats, he had just as much fun making them.  So keeping that in mind, when Valentines' started to approach I was trying to think of different things to do that involved Rice Krispies.  Then I decided to make the treats, but instead of just the cereal and marshmallows, I decided to pack them with Valentine colored M&M's and mini chococolate chips!  Sounds good, right?  But then I took it a step further and cut them into heart shapes, we have to be festive, right?  Then I dipped half of the heart into chocolate (it is the holiday for chocolate) and then give them a little more color with some festive sprinkles! 

We had so much fun making these.  I think Tucker had just as much fun eating them as they did making them!  We did have some gooey marshmallows on our hands, and Tucker even had some on his nose and chin...but that's just all signs of a good time, right?  After we dipped them and sprinkled them, we let them dry and then put them in little bags for all of his classmates. 

These treats are great for kiddos to enjoy, as well as adults.  They are so simple to throw together, and the flavors can be adjusted by adding different candy and dried fruit.  They are also a fun treat to make with kiddos.  I love having Tucker in the kitchen with me, just as much as he loves being in there with me.  He's always eager to help, and these are one of those things that he can have his hands in from start to finish...and he can "test" it throughout the making process!

I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's day.  Have fun, eat an incredible meal, have some chocolate and give plenty of hugs and kisses to all those special people in your life. 

Valentine's Rice Krispie Treats

3 Cups crispy rice cereal
3 Cups miniature marshmallows
2 Tbsp butter
1/2 Cup miniature chocolate chips
1/2 Cup M&M's
1 Cup semi-sweet chocolate, melted


Line a 9x9 baking pan with parchment paper.  Spray with non-stick cooking spray and set aside.

Place marshmallows and butter in a large, microwave safe bowl.  Place in microwave and heat for 45-60, until butter is melted and marshmallows are puffy and melted completely.  Once they are melted, remove the bowl from the microwave and add the cereal.  Stir to completely coat the cereal.  Add the M&M's and stir to combine.  Add the miniature chocolate chips and stir. 

Pour the mixture into the prepared baking dish and spread evenly in the dish.  Use a spatula (or your hands) to press mixture firmly in the pan.  Place in refrigerator and allow to chill and set.  Once the mixture has set remove from pan.  Using a heart shaped cookie cutter, sprayed with non-stick cooking spray, cut heart shapes out of the treats. 

Dip half of the heart in the melted semi sweet chocolate, then place on a waxpaper/parchment paper lined cookie sheet to set.  Repeat with remaining heart treats.  Drizzle each heart with white chocolate. 

Wrap in decrative celophane or place in an airtight container.

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