Thursday, October 11, 2012

Thoughts and Prayers for the Turner Family...and a silent auction for the family

As I sit down to write this, I'm not really sure where to start.  My heart is so heavy and hurts so much right now, and it's for a family I don't personally know.  This past weekend Matt Turner, a local news anchor, was in a single car accident and lost his life.  The accident happened Saturday evening, read more about it here.
Photo from Today's THV

Matt was born and raised in Arkansas and loved his home state through and through.  He was passionate about life and thankful for each and everyday.  He cared so much for others, and put others and their needs before his own.  Family was his life, the light of his life was his wife Julee and their 10 month old daughter Preslee Bell.  Matt had just recently moved back to central Arkansas to be closer to his family and to persue a career with a local new station, Today's THV.  In the short time he was on the air here he touched so many lives and made an impression on so many people.

It's amazing to me how we the audience, feel like we actually "know" people who bring the news to us on a daily basis.  I guess in a way, we feel a close bond to them since they are bringing us information about the day to day happenings in our town.  They don't just bring the news to us, they also let us into their personal lives; marriage, having children and even the sad times and loss of loved ones.  It's no surprise that we feel like we actually know these people and their families; we see them on a daily basis and we can relate to them and the goings on in their lives.  So when someone in a position like this losses their life; we not only feel like we've lost someone we also feel heavy hearted for their family during this time. 

My heart breaks for Julee, baby Preslee, and their entire family.  My thoughts and prayers have been with them since I heard the news.  I can't begin to imagine what they are all going through; but they do have a huge support system and the biggest and best support ever from our Heavenly Father.  I write all this today to ask all of you to take a a moment and say a prayer for Julee; for God to give her the strength to make it through such a tragic loss but to also give her the strength both the mommy and daddy that little Preslee needs right now.  Hug your loved ones and make every single day special.

A group of Julee's friends (The Getts TimesLife in the Green HouseLife, Sweet LifeKnee-Deep in Munchkin Land, and SheShe Made ) are putting together a fundraiser for her and baby Preslee.  It's a silent auction that will hit the blogasphere on Monday, October 15th, through Friday, October 19th.  All of the proceeds will go to Julee and Preslee.

To Donate an item:
  • Create a post detailing the item up for auction. Include a description and/or picture.
  • On Monday, October 15th visit any of the above blogs and list your item. Make sure to use the direct link to that specific post. 
  • To place a bid, leave a comment on that blog’s post leaving your email address and your bid. 
  • Once the auction ends on Friday, October 19th, we’ll have you email us with the winner’s name, email address, and the amount of the winning bid. We’ll invoice the winner

  • If you do not have a blog but would still like to donate an item:
    Please contact anyone at the blogs listed above.  They will be more than happy to assist you and to list your item.

    To bid:
  • On Monday, October 15th, visit any of the above blogs to view the list of donated items.
  • If an item interests you, click on the link to read more information.
  • To place a bid, leave a comment on that blog’s post leaving your email address and your bid.
  • Be sure to check the list often as new items will be added throughout the week.

  • Thanks for all of your help and support for the Turner family during this incredibly sad time.  It's definitely amazing to see a community (both local and bloggers) pull together to support one of their own during such a terrible time.  Please keep Julee, Preslee, and the entire family in your thoughts and prayers. 

    To read more about the amazing man Matt was and to see pictures and footage click here.

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