Monday, July 2, 2012

Product Review: OXO Mini Lock Top Food Storage Containers

As part of the OXO blogger outreach, I have been able to take advantage of product reviews and contests.  I was incredibly excited to have been given the opportunity to review a product from their healthy eating tools line.  There were serveral amazing options to choose from, and I ended up receiving one of my top choices to review!

I received the Mini LockTop Containers from OXO.  Part of their product guarantee and description states: "The Containers were designed with leak proof, airtight lids that snap on easily and confidently."  They also guarantee that they go from freezer, to microwave to dishwasher effortlessly.  After reading their description I was incredibly excited to have the opportunity to test this prodcut!

I am constantly using food storage containers to store various types of food; from soups to stews, to meat, to vegetables, and even ice cream.  I need containers that can handle whatever I put in them, and I want to have the peace of mind that they will seal in even the thinnest of liquids.  I also enjoy making food in advance, dividing it into individual portions and freezing them for later use.  Another "must" I look for in storage containers is they need to be microwavable, and it's a plus if they are dishwasher safe as well.  As convenient as a container may be, if it's not microwave safe it's a turn-off to me. 

I am proud to say, after a series of very rigorous testing that these containers from OXO not only met but exceeded my expectations.  I have used them to store soup, and can I tell you that not even one out of liquid escaped.  I've used them to freeze casseroles, soups, and various other dishes.  They sealed each and every dish so well, that when reheated you couldn't even tell it had been frozen.  I've microwaved in them and they heat perfectly and don't warp.  They have taken a few spins in dishwasher and still look brand new.  The lids go on incredibly easy with no effort whatsoever.  Another thing I love about these containers is they nest; so they are perfect for those kitchens with the smalles amount of storage space.  These containers are clear, so it takes all the guess work out of trying to remember what you put in which bowl; just store it and pop it in the fridge or freezer and your done!

I was beyond impressed with these containers from OXO.  The mini containers are a perfect and convenient size to have on hand.  I always find myself with containers that are either too big for what I need to store or too little; these are the perfect size.  OXO also offers a variety of other sizes in  the LockTop container collection, so you will be sure to find a size container that fits your needs that can be used with ease!           

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