Thursday, January 12, 2012

Tucker's 2nd Birthday

I can't believe my baby boy is 2.  We celebrated his second birthday a few weeks ago.  Where has the time gone?  Honestly, he's not a baby anymore, but a tornado of a toddler who is on the go all the time.  He definitely keeps us busy!  He has brought us so much joy over the past two years.  Celebrating his birthday was truly a magical occassion, not only for Spencer and myself but our family and friends as well.  We love this little guy so much!

This year has been all about cars.  Give him a car, or anything with wheels, and he's a happy little camper.  Any car will make him happy but if it's a car from the Car's movie he's in heaven!  This year, when planning his party it didn't take me long to determine that Disney Car's would be the perfect theme.  This past year has raced by, having a theme all about racing was the perfect fit!  We watch the Car's movie (or Car's moonie as Tucker says), literally everyday.  Since this movie and these characters are a staple in our everyday life right now I couldn't imagine not including them in his birthday celebration.

Since invitations really set the stage for any event, I wanted to find some that were perfect for the racing day event. I was thinking something along the lines of pit passes, wrist bands or something else you might find at the race track.  Then I came across these ticket invitations and I knew they would be perfect.  Nothing sets the tone for a race party better than your very own race ticket with all access clearance! 

Food is also a very important part of any celebration, so after finding the invitations the food planning was next on my list.  Since the party was mid afternoon, I decided to keep the menu light.  We had light finger foods as well as cake and a few other sweet treats.  Last year I went all out and made tons of food, literally enough to feed an army, and I had so many leftovers.  Lesson learned, this year I planned a menu that was equally delicious as last years but on a smaller scale.

The savory food included:
nugget tray from Chic-fil-a
mini, hot ham and cheese sliders (recipe to come)
sausage, cheese and cracker tray. 

For the sweets:
chocolate covered bananas (oil dipsticks)
chewy frosted sugar cookies
Cookies-n-Cream cake (recipe to come)

I couldn't resist making Tucker his own, personal cake.  This was a 6 inch cookies-n-cream cake covered in "dirt" (crushed gold and chocolate oreo cookies) and completed with Lightening McQueen and a Route 66 sign.

I chose cookies-n-cream cake not only because it's delicious but I thought it fit into the theme perfectly.  The bits of cookie flecs throughout the cake resemebled pieces of asphalt and dirct fromt he race track.  It was just one more element that help tie everything together.

Mini cookies-n-cream cupcakes
*Each person got to take a little piece of asphalt from the race track home with them!  The cupcakes were topped with half of an oreo, which I thought resembled asphalt that would be thrown around at the race track.

How I love this sweet little boy.
He couldn't wait until we got home to speed around on his own, personal race car!

Vendor Information:

Invitation design:  Pgioda via Ebay, they were very easy to work with I couldn't be happier with the invitations
Party decor: Party City (balloons)
Party decor: The Dollar Tree (table clothes, plates, napkins, utensils, serving platters)
Party decor: Bed, Bath and Beyond (Gas pump drink dispenser)
Cars characters: Target, Toy's R Us, and Wal-Mart
Car's Pit Crew Shirt: Sears
Food: Chic-fil-a, nugget tray
Location: Bryant Fire Department

Thank you:
A special thanks to the Bryant Fire Department for allowing us to have Tucker's birthday party at your fire station (Red's house).  Thank you to all of the firefighters for all your help with the party, you made his day so special and you helped out more than you know.  Your help and involvment in Tucker's party was truly appreciated and made Tucker's day so special.  Thanks for all you do and for your service.  God Bless You!

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