Thursday, May 5, 2011

Happy Cinco De Mayo

If you are still preparing for your Cinco De Mayo celebration or just need a little inspiration for a last minute dish or dip look no further.  There are numerous people who look for an excuse to celebrate, no matter if the occasion originates in their country or not.  I believe Cinco De Mayo is actually celebrated here in the U.S. more than in Mexico, how ironic is that?  There are many people that go out to celebrate this holiday but a lot of people want to partake in Mexican food and drinks but avoid the busy and crowded restaurants.  If you are one of those people who want to eat the wonderful food but avoid the crowd here are a few dips and dishes to help you join the celebration!

These cumin-seared scallop tacos are absolutely amazing!  The smokiness of the cumin paired with the sweet mango salsa and the spicey tomatillo guacomole put this dish over the top.  The salsa and guacomole are even delicious by themselves as a dip.  Having this at your party will be a major crowd pleaser!

Black bean salsa would make a great addition to any fiesta or party.  Pair these with Tostitos new artisan chips; Roasted Garlic & Black Bean or Fire Roasted Chipotle.  Both chips are incredible by themselves, but paired with a dip like this would be amazing. 

It wouldn't be a celebration without something delicious to wash all the great food down.  Try these beer margaritas at your next party, the perfect drink for the beer and margarita lover.

Happy Cinco De Mayo  

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