Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Daring Baker's October Challenge-Old-Fashioned Buttermilk Cake Doughnuts

I don't know anyone who has met a doughnut they didn't like, sure everyone has their favorites but I've never had anyone turn one down because of where they are from.  I was so excited to find out this month's daring baker's challenge was homemade doughnuts.  This challenge came at the perfect time; Spencer and I had just been talking about homemade doughnuts, how good they were and the fact that we needed to make some!  I've made homemade doughnuts before but I've just made them using store bought biscuit dough, so I was so excited to see that this challenge was not only for homemade doughnuts but to also make them from scratch.

 The October 2010 Daring Bakers challenge was hosted by Lori of butter me up. Lori chose to challenge DBers to make doughnuts. She used several sources for her recipes including Alton Brown, Nancy Silverton, Kate Neumann and Epicurious.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

French Toast

We love breakfast food in our house; we not only eat it for breakfast but many times we'll have it for lunch or supper, I think Spencer would be completely content if I made it three times a day everyday.  It's just the type of food that you can have any time of day and be totally satisfied after you're finished eating.  The other night was one of those nights where we had breakfast food for supper and it was delicious.

We had bacon, scrambled eggs, and Alton Brown's french toast.  Let me tell ya, the french toast was amazing; it was crispy, crunchy and fluffy and soft all at the same time.  The "custard" that the bread was soaked in gave it so much flavor, it was so much more than "fried" bread with no true taste other than the syrup that covered it.  The toast itself had so much taste that I could have eaten it without any toppings. 

If you're looking for a wonderful breakfast dish, look no further, this french toast is amazing.  We had this toast along with scrambled eggs and bacon, but I could make a meal out of only toast...yes, it was that good!         

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Gulf Shrimp and Grits

Growing up in the south I had some truly southern meals growing up, and continue to cook them now, but there are a few dishes that I have recently learned about that are said to be "true southern food" that I have never heard of.  While I have had grits, shrimp of all varieties, waffles, and fried chicken I have never had the combination of shrimp and grits or waffles and fried chicken and I must say the first time I heard of these food combinations I was a little taken aback.  When I think of grits and waffles I think of breakfast, and while I do eat breakfast foods on a regular basis I typically don't put shrimp in that category and most of the time I don't put chicken in that category...unless we are talking about Chic-fil-a's chicken biscuit...we all make exceptions!  One of the shows I was watching that featured shrimp and grits said that it was a southerners meal and that if you had never had shrimp and grits then you weren't a true southerner; well I guess I wasn't a true southerner until about a month ago when I decided to make this meal.  Let me tell ya, I have been missing out, this was soooo good and the combination of all the flavors just melded so well together.  The cheesiness of the grits, the sweetness of the shrimp, and the smokey and salty flavor of the bacon were truly sublime.

I got this recipe from Food Network after I watched "Throwdown" with Bobby Flay.  Can I just say I love watching that show!  The challenges he takes on are from all different cuisines and from all different courses of the meal; it doesn't matter if it's a traditional wedding cake or an Asian breakfast dish he's game for whatever is thrown his way.  I think it is so neat that he steps out of his comfort zone, and risks being defeated in the challenge, to take on the best of the best.  Enough rambling; when I saw this episode of "Throwdown" it made me really want to try this dish for my self.  This particular recipe is the one that Bobby Flay used and it was delicious, but the next time I make it I am going to try his competitor's stay tuned to see which one I like better!

If you've never tried shrimp and grits I strongly urge you to go make!  I promise you won't be disappointed.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Chicken Gyros

Every year a Greek church in our area has a Greek Food Festival and during the festival they serve many kinds of Greek dishes, both sweet and savory.  Every year I look forward to the festival but like any festival, the traffic and parking are so chaotic that I have to be in the mood to deal with the crowds and lines of cars.  This past year I just couldn't summon the motivation to get out and deal with all the chaos so I missed having my gyro, baklava and all the other Greek goodies I usually stock up on during the festival.  I tried gyros from some of the local restaurants and while they were delicious they just didn't hit the spot, I don't know if I was just missing the festival atmosphere or what it was but my cravings continued so when I came across this recipe for chicken gyros on Loves To Eat I knew I had to try them.

I was so excited that I came across this recipe and I couldn't wait to try them.  They turned out fabulous!  The flavors of the tzatziki sauce is incredible.  It doesn't get much better than shredded cucumbers and garlic in a creamy yogurt sauce accented with the juice of a lemon...yum, yum!  The only thing that makes the sauce even better is placing it atop the warm, juicy chicken that is nestled in the soft pita.  We absolutely loved everything about them and to make things even better we had enough to have leftovers and they were just as good as the night they were cooked.  I served these with homemade humus and with a green salad.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Now Eat This giveaway winner

Thank you to everyone who entered my "Now Eat This" cookbook giveaway!  Now on to the fun stuff...the winner!  I used to generate a random number.

True Random Number Generator




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The number that it generated was #5!  Congratulations Molly Jean of The Rookie Chef

Molly Jean September 29, 2010 2:05 pm 
Yum! Your tuna looks amazing. I didn’t know Outback had a seared tuna app! Might be just the excuse I
need to go out to eat.
I love all appetizers but mostly the bar-type apps – chips and queso, nachos, and fried cheese!


I hope you enjoy this cookbook as much as I do!!! 

Please email me your mailing address so I can get your cookbook in the mail!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Jamaican Jerk Chicken with Cauliflower and Asparagus

I always love trying new recipes I come across, and if they are healthy that makes them that much better...not to say that I don't splurge every now and then too!  This recipe comes from the wonderful cookbook I talked about not too long ago,  Now Eat This by Rocco Dispirito.  I absolutely LOVE this cookbook, it has so many woderful recipes to offer but none of the guilt!

This is another recipe from Rocoo Dispirito's cookbook and it is so delicious.  It is packed with so much flavor, and it's basically a one dish meal with all the protien and veggies in one dish all that needs to be added is some bread and maybe a side salad.  The sweet and spicy of the jerk seasoning pairs so nicely with the bright, fresh taste of the cilantro.  It's a quick meal to put together, but could easily be a dish that would impress as well.

Don't forget to ENTER to win a copy of "Now Eat This" by Rocco Dispirito, so you can enjoy this recipe and a multitude of others!  The deadline to enter is Friday, October 8th.

Table of Condiments

From time to time I know we all come across an item in our pantry or refrigerator that has been in there for quite some time and the same thought crosses our minds, "I wonder if this is still good?".  There are a few methods that people use when trying to determine whether to keep food or throw it out; "when in doubt throw it out" is always a popular one, the smell test is another, and there's always the expiration date that is a reliable source, but you can never have too many resources to help you know how long to keep food.  Today I was looking at "StumbleUpon" and I came across  this nifty little chart.  It's a play on the Periodic Table of Elements.

Just thought this was too neat not to share.  It also makes for some fun food facts and a nifty reference guide.  I just had to share it with you!



The source of this chart does not in any way guarantee this information as being accurate. For instance, it was pointed out recently that vegemite is unfit for human consumption upon opening.   However, tests show it is an effective form of reactor shielding.

I, nor my source, made or wrote this chart.  I, nor my source, is taking credit for this chart or any information provided on this table.

This information was recieved from a random net browser:
It appeared in a mock calendar diary for 1997 and was produced by Potlatch (the paper company) under the title "365 Ben Days." The concept and design was by Dana Arnett, Ken Fox, Fletcher Martin and John Naresky of VSA Partners, Chicago.

For some history on this invaluable tool, check here.

Picture source: Stella Starr

Table of Condiments Source: seen on "StumbleUpon"

                                                           originally from: BackTable

Friday, October 1, 2010

Clean Eating Brie and Crab Pizza

 Today is National Clean Eating Day.  I didn't really know about clean eating until I read some information provided on Loves To Eat food blog, and I'm still learning about what it actually is the benefits of it.  She has some great information on her blog and tons of helpful links about clean eating, so head on over and educate yourself!

When I saw this recipe on the Loves To Eat blog I knew I HAD to make it.  I was literally drooling while I was reading the recipe and looking at the picture!  We love pizza at our house and I'm always up for trying new and different toppings on my pizzas.  When I told Spencer about this pizza he didn't know what to think at first, but he said he was willing to try it, he's usually not too fond of fruit on his pizza.  When we tried the pizza Spencer liked it, but shocked me by saying that he would have actually liked more pineapples so the next time I make this I will add quite a few more pineapple chunks.

This pizza was absolutely delicious!  It was unlike any other pizza I've ever had and I just LOVED it.  The crust was perfect; the inside was soft and bready and the outside had a nice crunch.  The pesto was out of this world, I LOVE cilantro so I could eat this stuff by itself.  The toppings were rich and oh so good the sweetness of the pineapple paired perfectly with the salty, richness of the pesto and cheese and the crab topped things off perfectly.  

To me, this was the perfect way to experience clean eating.  There is no sacrifice in taste but it's food you can feel good about!  I can't wait to try some other "clean foods".

Clean Eating Pizza Dough

This pizza dough was absolutely delicious!  If you're worried about losing flavor or taste because it's "clean", don't!  This crust is packed full of all of the flavor that every other crust is.  I definitely encourage you to try this dough, I made it for brie and crab pizza!

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