Friday, February 19, 2010

Our Valentines Meal

We always get into the spirit of Valentine's Day and love to celebrate it but one thing that we really don't enjoy is dodging tons of people in an overcrowded and loud restaurant when we're trying to have a nice, romantic meal that most of the time ends up being just okay.  On top of dealing with the chaos of the crowded restaurant we usually end up saying we could have cooked a better meal at home for a lot less.   Last year we decided to stay away from the hectic restaurant scene; we spent the day doing different things we both enjoyed and then spent the evening together in the kitchen making an awesome meal!  We had so much fun that we decided to stay in again this year.  

 Our day started out with breakfast of hot buttered rum pancakes.  They were very good, and I was so pleased with them.  It wasn't a very complicated dish but it definitely hit the spot and it's one of those that is super easy to put together.  Since we had a late breakfast we didn't have lunch, so I focused on preparing our supper.  It was pretty easy deciding what we would have this year; a while back I made steaks and mushrooms using  a recipe by Ina Garten, they were amazing, and Spencer went on and on about them so I figured that would be the perfect meal to make.  It was a little bit harder deciding what we would have for dessert; the options are endless when it comes to desserts and I tend to get overwhelmed when I'm trying to choose.  I find tons of desserts that look incredible and I want to make them all so it's really hard to narrow them down and choose one.  I finally picked a few and then showed them to Spencer to get his input; it was hard on him at first but then he picked a chocolate cake with raspberry filling.  This cake was incredible and I'm so glad he chose this for our Valentine's dessert.

Here are the things we had on Valentine's Day.  I will be posting the recipes soon!  I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentines!


Hot Buttered Rum Pancakes

These pancakes were so good.  Like I said, they were really easy to put together but they were still impressive.  They have so much flavor alone, but since it was a special occasion we splurged and topped them with whipped cream and milk chococlate good!


         Steakhouse Steaks and Mushrooms

These steaks and mushrooms are absolutely amazing; together they make such an impressive meal.  These steaks are probably the some of the best steaks we've ever had; the flavor is incredible and there's really not that much to them and then topping them with the Roquefort Chive sauce just puts them over the top.  The mushrooms are great too; they have a creamy, buttery flavor that  is just amazing!


Chocolate Raspberry Cake

Absolutely amazing...this cake was incredible.  The combination of the chocolate and raspberry is so good.  The raspberry isn't overpowering at all, there's just enough flavor of raspberry where it can be tasted but it doesn't overpower the rest of the flavors in the cake.  This was definitely the perfect dessert for Valentine's!   


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