Friday, December 12, 2008

Sausage Dip

I know it's December, my blog has been lonely and there aren't any recipes from Thanksgiving on here yet.  I've been busy so I really haven't had time to share everything I cooked for Thanksgiving...but that's all about to change, better late than never, right?

So for Thanksgiving with Spencer's family I was asked to do some appetizers, a dessert and a side item.  For the appetizers I wanted to do some simple things that were good served either warm or room temperature.  I decided to make sausage balls, bacon wrapped pretzels, and a hearty sausage dip.  All the appetizers turned out awesome and everyone ate them up.

The sausage dip was first introduced to me by one of my best friends, Heather.  She made this dip at Spencer's birthday party this past fall and it was eaten up by everyone in a matter of minutes.  The same effect took place when I made this dip.  From the time the lid was taken off the container people dove into it and it was a hit!  This is definitely a must try for your next party. 

Since she's introduced this dip to me it's been a go to recipe for me.  There isn't much to this dip at all and it consist of 3 ingredients, that's it!  It's so easy and it's one of those where the sausage can be browned the day before and then everything thrown together the day of.   

Hearty Sausage Dip


1 pound sausage, browned and drained
2 (8oz) blocks cream cheese, softened 
1 can Rotel, drained  


Mix all ingredients together and serve warmed or at room temperature with favorite chips. 

Sausage Dip
Recipe Source: my friend, Heather

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joelen said...

I love hearty dips since I'm a big snacker... and I could easily make this into a meal alone!

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