Friday, November 28, 2008

Whip it good!

Potatoes are one of my favorite side items to have; I love them mashed, baked and practically in other way they come.  There are a multitude of things that can be done with potatoes and there are tons of different ways they can seasoned.  Potatoes are one of those great things that are basically a blank slate waiting to be made and seasoned according to ones desire.

Mashed potatoes are a weakness of mine.  I could eat them with a little salt and pepper, with gravy or even like a loaded baked potato.  For this version of mashed potatoes I wanted to keep it pretty simple so I made garlic whipped mashed potatoes.  Those are never a disappointment; I love garlic and I love potatoes so this was a perfect match.  This recipe was so easy to throw together and the end result was fluffy, whipped potatoes!


Garlic Whipped Mashed Potatoes

Garlic whipped potatoes 


2 Medium potatoes

1 Small clove garlic, mined (1/2-1 teaspoon pre-minced garlic)

1/4-1/3 Cup milk or cream

2 Tablespoons butter, softened

Salt and pepper, to taste

Chives for garnish


Bring a pot of salted water to a boil.  Place potatoes in pot and boil until fork tender.  Remove from pot and let cool enough to be handled.

Mash up the potatoes using a fork or potato masher, just break them up enough to make it easier to mix with hand held mixer. (I leave the skins on mine but you can remove them if desired).  Once potatoes are mashed turn hand mixer on low and gradually add milk/cream and butter.  Mix together well and then stir in the minced garlic, salt and pepper.  Once everything is mixed and to taste serve and garnish with fresh cut chives.

Garlic whipped potatoes

Recipe by: Lynsey Lou

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Uncle Rob said...

Where do I complain about this website? I have already gained 6 pounds just reading these great recipes.

Love your Blog Lyndsey--I will be watching you and I will be sending this site to my friends.

your uncle Robert

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