Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Simple Fried Rice

So the theme of the food we had last night was Chinese/Japanese inspired.  We had chicken vegetable stir fry, which is in the previous post, and fried rice.  Like I mentioned earlier, this is my first time cooking this type of food.  Everything was more or less experimental for me last night, for the first attempt I would have to say it was pretty good and pretty successful.  

I didn't want just normal, boiled rice to go with the stir fry so I thought while I was experimenting Iwould try fried rice too.  Everything turned out good, but like my stir fry recipe, there will be some tweeking the next time I make the fried rice.  I didn't want to have too many flavor combinations going on, so the only thing I seasoned my rice with this time was salt, pepper and soy sauce.  Next time I will plan a little better and have a sauce to season my rice with that compliments what I seasoned my stir fry with.  

This version of fried rice is probably one of the simplest versions out there.  There really isn't a whole lot that goes into this; so it could really be a base recipe which practically anything could be added to.  I think my next attempt at Chinese/Japanese type food is going to be a chicken or shrimp fried rice...that sounds so good!



1 Cup Rice, cooked   (I used brown rice)  

1/4 Cup scallions/green onion, chopped

1/2 Small onion, diced

1-2 Tablespoons sesame seeds

Salt and Pepper, to taste

4-5 Tablespoons butter

2 Eggs

Olive Oil, to coat pan

Soy Sauce


Add olive oil and preheat skillet/wok over low-medium heat.  Add diced onion and saute until onion begins to turn clear.  Once onion is cooked remove from skillet/wok.  Place eggs in skillet/wok and break yolks, cook while stirring and flipping occasionally until completely cooked.  Once eggs are cooked leave them in the pan and then add part of butter and return cooked rice and onion.  Stir together then add scallions, sesame seeds, the rest of the butter and soy sauce to your taste.  Once everything is combined and heated through, serve with favorite stir fry!


Recipe Courtesy of Lynsey Lou

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Joelen said...

Mmm - we love fried rice! We tend to make it when we have leftover cold rice and random ingredients left over. As for seasoning it, we really don't add much aside from what you used... salt, pepper, soy sauce. However we also add garlic salt, minced garlic and finely chopped onions. (We love garlic fried rice!)

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