Tuesday, September 30, 2014

FitBit Giveaway

I am so excited to be teaming up with some amazing bloggers to give one of you the opportunity to win your very own FitBit.

With health and fitness being at the forefront of everyone's minds, we'll take every little bit of help we can get.  Well, FitBit will help you keep track of every step you take along with calories burned, time slept and weight.  Fit bit is so much more than you average pedometer, click here to read all about it and it's benefits.

The giveaway ends October 7th at midnight.  Thanks to everyone who enters and good luck!

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Strawberry Raspberry Funny Cake

A few months ago I was celebrating blueberry month and featured a week of tempting blueberry recipes.  Once of the recipes I featured was my blueberry lemon funny cake.  A spin on a dessert I enjoyed regularly when I was a child.

My family called it funny cake, but it's also know by several other names.  Gooey butter cake. Neiman Marcus cake and I'm sure there are several other names that I'm just not aware of.  The basic recipe is a classic yellow cake, butter, eggs, powdered sugar and cream cheese and let me tell ya, it's out of this world.  We made it for dessert at least once a week and it didn't last but 2 days, if it lasted that long.
Funny cake is still a family favorite, and after the response to the blueberry lemon funny cake I truly thing it ranks right up there with the original.  My dad thought it was delicious and started questioning why we hadn't added fruit to the mix a long time ago.  Well, better late than never.

Monday, September 29, 2014

The Best Strawberry Lemonade

This week marks the start of Race for the Cure in Arkansas and several other states across the country.  Training for the big race has been going on for months, fundraising for cancer research is in full swing and ladies and gents from all over the state are making plans for their trip to the capitol city.  Saturday morning downtown Little Rock will be flooded with a sea of pink and thousands of individuals; some fighting, some remembering, and others supporting.  All with one goal in mind, to find a cure for the horrid disease we call cancer.

Odds are every single person has been touched by cancer.  Whether you've battled it, lost a love one or are supporting someone in their battle right now, cancer has touched practically everyone everywhere.  I lost my sweet MaMaw to the stuff and I get sick to my stomach every time I think about it.  She was an amazing lady that touched so many and there's no telling what other lives she would have touched had she not been stricken.  I am sure there are stories like hers being told everyday.
Since we are embarking are breast cancer awareness month and Race for the Cure, I decided to paint my blog pink this week.  I have several recipes donning the color pink for the memory of my MaMaw, the countless others who lost their battles and the thousands fighting their battle right now.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Dark Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Blondies with Brown Butter Frosting

It's officially fall!  The season of changing leaves, cozy sweaters, Mixed Con and so on.  But, most importantly it's the season of pumpkin!  I love summer and going to the water park with my little guy, but about mid to late August I start getting antsy for fall and everything pumpkin.  Pumpkins on the front porch, carving them, pumpkin bread, waffles, lattes.  Pumpkin everything.

This year is no exception.  I held off as long as I could but I did share my first pumpkin recipe while it was still officially summer.  Ooops!  Ever since it's been a never ending pumpkin parade in my kitchen.

Blondies are another one of my favorite desserts.  The chocolate-less version of brownies; blondies are made with butter, brown sugar, flour eggs and salt.  They are amazing and the brown sugar gives them that chewy texture and caramel flavor.  Since they use brown instead of white sugar they are also known as brown sugar squares.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Best Chocolate Irish Cream Bundt Cake with Irish Cream Glaze

This month I am attending Online Blog Con.  That's right, a blogging conference that takes place in comfort of my very own home.  Myself along with several hundred other fellow bloggers are getting to know one another, learning the basics as well as the latest and greatest in the blogging world and getting to "meet" some amazing companies, both through their sponsorship and through sessions.

LorAnn Oils is one of the amazing sponsors this year!  Along with being an awesome sponsor, they have also given us the opportunity to sample some of their incredible oils and flavors.  Here's a little back story, for any of you who aren't familiar with the company.  They were started over 50 years ago by a pharmacist, O.K. Grettenberger.  Initially there were only a handful of essential oils produced and they were only available to pharmacies.  Since the initial start-up, the company has grown and still focuses on their essential oils, but also produces a variety of professional quality flavors ideal for baked goods, soda flavorings, ice cream and candy making.  To read the full story click here.

Monday, September 22, 2014

SRC: Mixed Berry Banana Smoothie

I have been on a smoothie kick as of late.  We're talking at least one smoothie a day, sometimes two. There's just something so enticing about them.  They are quick and easy, they are filling without making me feel completely bogged down and they are a great option for a quick breakfast or snack on the go, so perfectly portable.

Another plus, I add a handful of spinach or kale for some extra veggie power.  It's a simple addition to help get another serving of veggies, and it doesn't compromise the taste of the smoothie in any way.  Don't believe me?  My 4 year old is just as much of a smoothie addict as I am and I put handfuls of the green stuff in his and he sucks it down like an Icee.  Although he's not a picky eater, veggies in his smoothie may turn him off.  But he loves the smoothies and doesn't even notice the added greens.
This month's Secret Recipe Club exchanged kept feeding my smoothie cravings.  Ros of The More Occasional Baker loves being in the kitchen and has a passion for baking, not unlike yours truly!  I browsed through all of her recipes, which had my mouth watering, but ultimately decided to focus on a recipe that was a little lighter this month.  A smoothie.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Homemade Mocha-Coconut Frappuccino...A.K.A Mochanut Frappuccino

Coffee.  It's the go juice that gets me up and running every. single. morning.  I don't know what I'd do without the stuff.  And honestly, I don't even want to thing about it.

Coffee has been running through my veins since I was little.  Although, it wasn't nearly the strength I fill my cup with these days.  Used to, after napping, my MaMaw would always wake up and have her afternoon coffee along with a cookie or two.  Sometimes friends would come and join her for a cup or two, and sit and fellowship around her avocado green kitchen table.  On the days I was there she would fix me my very own cup of "special" coffee.  Which in the end ended up being milk, sugar and a splash of coffee...just enough to color the milk.
As time has progressed my love of coffee has grown immensely, as well as the ratio of milk or cream to coffee.  It's definitely more coffee and less milk nowadays.  Most of the time I drink my coffee strongly brewed with a little half and half and a sprinkle of sugar.  But, there are times when I need a little more excitement...or an afternoon pick-me-up.  Or both.

When those times come, a Starbucks run is completely and utterly necessary.  Necessary for my sanity and the safety of everyone around.  Well, maybe it's not that serious, but let's not leave things to chance.

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